Cactus Flower Laundry Soap

Cactus Flower Laundry Soap

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Magnolia Soap and Bath Co's exclusive laundry soap recipe is gamechanger for your laundry. Get rid of your fabric softener, bleach, and dryer sheets & replace with 2 tablespoons of Magnolia Laundry Soap. Safe for children and babies. Tough enough to kick stains and smell just as fresh as your bar soap!

Drop 2 tablespoons in your laundry load and let Magnolia Laundry Soap do its deep cleaning without the harmful detergents or fillers. Trash your dryer sheets, bleach, and scent boosters- THIS DOES IT all! Gentle enough for kids and adults!

Detergent-free, plant based, gentle for all laundry soap is customizable with your favorite Magnolia Scent. 

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